I am trying to deploy MySQL-router in kubernetes, I had some problems previously and they were fixed.

Now mysql-router pod is showing following error in kubernetes logs mysql-router-pod -n mysql-router

Succesfully contacted mysql server at Checking for cluster state. Succesfully contacted mysql server at Trying to bootstrap. Please enter MySQL password for routeruser: FATAL ERROR ENCOUNTERED, attempting to undo new accounts that were created

- New accounts cleaned up successfully

# Bootstrapping MySQL Router instance at '/tmp/mysqlrouter'...

\ Creating account(s) (only those that are needed, if any) Error: Error creating MySQL account for router (GRANTs stage): Error executing MySQL query "GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE ON mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.* TO 'mysql_router21_tc47nqet6ty7'@'%'": Access denied for user 'routeruser'@'%' to database 'mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata' (1044)

I had given privileges to routeruser as described here.

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