I was trying to setup path mappings for my PHP Azure Web App, I was attempting to every virtual path under a certain path directory redirect to a single PHP index file.

So for example:

  • /myapp/ would serve the following PHP file: /myapp/index.php
  • /myapp/some/awesome/path would serve that same PHP file: /myapp/index.php
  • and so on...

I looked in some documentations and Google but could not find a way to do this automatically, so I started expirementing... I tried:

  • /myapp/* -> /myapp/index.php
  • /myapp/% -> /myapp/index.php
  • and finally... /myapp/. -> /myapp/index.php

The problem:

After that last attempt with the . at the end, both the web app itself and the App Service portal control panel ceased to work/respond to commands.

Attempting to delete/edit the path mappings and clicking 'save' results in this ambigious error message: Failed to update web app settings

Attempting to open the 'App Service Editor (preview)' results in a HTTP Error 503

Is there anyway to reverse the supposedly incorrect configuration? I do not have backups of before this change.

Secondary problem:

How do I actually setup dynamic/wildcard path mappings for Azure? I am trying to establish the Azure equivalent of this .htaccess file.

  • I also looked around in the FTP to see if perhaps the configuration file exists somewhere and is manually editable, but could not find it. Aug 11, 2020 at 6:41

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I don't have a direct answer for how to solve this problem, but since my project is still pretty fresh I decided to simply delete the web app and create a new one.

As for the dynamic path finding, I forget you can use web.config to achieve what I had described and so that is what I am using and it works. If anyone wants it, this is what I am using.

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