Is it possible to access Azure VM filesystem via machine IP? So given two virtual machines


Can I get to CLIENT1 file system from the SERVER1 by

\\{CLIENT IP}\c$\temp

I can't seem to do it. I can ping the VMs from each other but I can't see the machines on the network. I know that you can use an Azure file share to do this but I'm trying to prove something works through Citrix (to be deployed on physical boxes) but I have to do this on Azure as there are no test servers available.

Many Thanks


You need to make sure that the below ports have been opened, and allowed from only each other:

  • Microsoft file sharing SMB: 135-139 TCP and UDP
  • Direct-hosted SMB traffic without NetBIOS: 445 TCP and UDP

If you are able to, ensure that you create these connections over private networking where possible. If it must traverse a public network, create an IPsec tunnel. NEVER OPEN THESE PORTS to the public internet.

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