I have HA k8s cluster that was created by kubeadm. I would like to update API server certificate to add additional SANs. For this purpose I followed some steps described in another post, but what I did for HA cluster:

  • Removed API server certificates on all control-plane nodes

  • Retrieved current kubeadm configmap

kubectl get configmap kubeadm-config \
  --namespace kube-system \
  --output jsonpath={{ .data.ClusterConfiguration }}
  • Extended it with necessary configuration part
    - localhost
  • Generated new certificates with updated configuration on all control-plane nodes

kubeadm init phase certs apiserver --config <config_path>

  • Restarted API server container on all control-plane nodes

  • Updated in-cluster configuration

kubeadm init phase upload-config kubeadm --config <config_path>

The question is if these steps are correct or there is another way that is more simple?


The fastest way I come up with is this:

# remove current apiserver certificates
sudo rm /etc/kubernetes/pki/apiserver.*

# generate new certificates
sudo kubeadm init phase certs apiserver --apiserver-cert-extra-sans=localhost,

Remember that you need to run it on all control-plain nodes.

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