I have set up a WDS PXE server that is able to install Windows and Linux operating systems in may different ways.

The server is also able to live boot Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop squash files (official & my own custom made). Each squash has its own NFS share on the server.

But when I need to live boot a machine with an Ubuntu 18.04 squash, I am unable to boot another live machine using the same squash file unless I turn off the previous one, or else the previous machine simply freezes.

Sometimes I even need to live boot 3 machines, and I am not a fond of creating more shares and cloning squash files, as it is not a real scaleable solution.

Might be a chance that some of the files are getting locked? Seems weird as live boot should only read files from the share.

Here is my menu stanza for the live boot:

LABEL Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop live boot
MENU LABEL - Live boot with ubuntu 18.04
kernel /external/live/casper/vmlinuz
append boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot=x.x.x.x:/lb vga=normal ip=::::::dhcp initrd=/external/live/casper/initrd --

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don't use NFS and use CIFS instead you will also need an additional initrd INITRD_N11.2.4.GZ; see how Serva does it here:


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