I'm getting lots of timeouts from ebay IP addresses, e.g. in the log file:

2020-08-25 18:57:20 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from o18.m.reply1.ebay.com [] D=1m3s

Some of these I manage to remediate by editing the "configure" file to change "accept hosts" to this:

accept  hosts         = +relay_from_hosts : : : :
      control       = submission
      control       = dkim_disable_verify

This is before the DNSBL section which is this:

    dnslists = zen.spamhaus.org
    message = $sender_host_address is listed in $dnslist_domain\
              ${if def:dnslist_text { ($dnslist_text)}}
    delay   = 180s

Surely, there must be a better way of doing this than having to explicitly whitelist IP addresses and CIDR ranges?

Is there a way to increase the timeout period?

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