Looking into my /etc/shadow file of a fairly new box today (running Arch), I see some passwords as * (disabled) but some others as !*, !! and as !. Presumably that means "disabled", too, but why is the value different?

Is there some convention that I haven't heard of? :-) and if so where would that be documented?



Synthesizing the Unix & Linux page regarding the /etc/shadow file

  • *: "By convention, accounts that are not intended to be logged in to (e.g. bin, daemon, sshd) only contain a single asterisk in the password field"
  • !: Both "!" and "!!" being present in the password field mean an account is locked.
  • !!: But "!!" in an account entry in shadow means the account of an user has been created, but not yet given a password

The strings *, ! and !! all effectively make that the user cannot login (since an encrypted password will never be 1 or 2 characters).

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    This isn't just a length restriction. Even if the original hash is present, adding either * or ! will render them unmatchable, since neither character appears in a valid hash for all hash types commonly used in /etc/shadow. In this way, a user's "previous" password can be preserved, and removing the * or ! can return it to service. – Royce Williams Aug 29 at 18:46

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