According to kubernetes documentation here,


Setting up a Kubernetes cluster using kubeadm requires to install kubectl on all nodes. However, kubeserver-api is only installed on the master node or control plane with the command,

kubeadm init

My question is why do we need kubectl on the worker nodes?

  • That sounds like a "documentation bug," as searching the kubeadm source code did not reveal any usages that look like they're shelling out to kubectl -- have you tried just not installing kubectl on the workers? – mdaniel Aug 29 at 18:01

kubectl is a CLI for controling your cluster so you do not need to install it on the worker nodes. You have to install it in a place where you are going to manage your cluster from.

As stated in the comments by the community this indeed looks like a documentation error as there is no relation between kubeadm and kubectl when joining the nodes. For worker nodes you just need to install both kubelet and kubeadm.

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