I'm a bit confused if I need to get my app verified to use the Google OAuth api for accessing Google Fit data.

I haven't seen any warnings in the developer console or the documentation that the google fit api is a sensitive or restricted scope. The limit of 100 users with sensitive scopes has not gone up either. So I assume fit doesn't fall under these? Are there any plans to change the scope for fit in the future?

Since I haven't encountered any warnings so far, do I need to worry about getting my app verified? Would the only benefit be the ability to change the icon displayed in the consent screen?



It depends on the OAuth Flow Google use to verify the app. Reading through the docs, I found out that it uses the Authorization (or Grant) Code Flow.

This flow require a frontend intervention (user has to interact by approving the app to access the data of his account). This means that you should make the app being approved, otherwise you won't have access to any data.

You also add another layer by using Android (if you use it), since it also require per-device permissions (using sensors and so on).

If Google docs are too hard to understand, you can have a look at Spotify docs. They implemented the OAuth 2.0 Code Grant Flow to access personnal data of their Web API.

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