We have log files stored on one of our AWS machines, however, a significant amount of the log files have been corrupted without any clearly apparent reason.

When trying to open/read/write/rename/delete the files, we are shown a windows error Error 0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system and we can't seem to find the source of the error.

To ensure that our code was not responsible for the corruption, I found healthy copies (they are present on a different machine from which they are sent over to this machine) of the corrupted log files and sent it over to the same directory as the corrupted files. The files I sent over were not corrupted after the transfer.

One of the possible culprits for this error is having permission issues, but I dont think that this is the reason for the corrupted files as we can access other files in this folder, and our user account has admin privileges.

The "corrupted" files have an "X" on the icon, while the "healthy" files do not: files

Some other things I noticed that were abnormal:

  • The total size of the healthy files is equal to the size of the hard drive; however, the total size of the "corrupted" files is undefined: total size

  • The size on disk of the "corrupted" files is 0: size on disk

We also ran chkdsk to make sure that there were no "bad sectors" on the hard drive, but chkdsk also returned with no errors.

Has anyone run into any issues like this on AWS? What could cause an issue such a this and how can we avoid having this issue show up again in the future?

  • I can't help you with why, but if you want to back up files I would put them into S3 which is cheaper, more durable and generally more reliable than EBS attached to a Windows instance. A quick Google search suggests that error refers to a permissions problem. – Tim Sep 5 '20 at 8:16

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