I just took over a project last month.When I tried to deploy the project, it popped up a message told me to migrate to Java 8 application or add to whitelist.
I have tried the steps on the document of migrating to Java 8, but the project couldn't compile well after the migrating.
After that, I enabled the billing of the account, and filled in the Request Whitelisting for Java 7 Deployment. I have not received the reply since last week.
I would like to know, does the method Request Whitelisting for Java 7 Deployment still work?
Thank you very much!


These kind of requests will take up to 1 month, if you have a support package please open a support case in the GCP Console, Otherwise it is necessary open a public issue tracker, this is in order to know the status of your request.

Another alternative is to create a Docker container with your application and use App Engine Flexible Environment with a custom runtime (Docker image)

In this document you can find more information about custom runtimes

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