I'm running a simple Kubernetes deployment descriptor with podman play kube and some of my services need env vars to be set. In Docker Compose/Swarm I could just place the names of env-vars to the file and they would be picked up from a host OS. Alternatively, I could use .env file with Docker Compose for this purpose. But none of these seem to work with podman. I know that Kubernetes offers ConfigMaps for this purpose, but it also doesn't seem to be implemented in podman play kube. So what's the way of propagating OS environment variables to the container in this case, because I don't really want to explicitly hardcode the values in the .yaml file?


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Podman 2.2.0 (released in December 2020) mentions this in the release notes:

The podman play kube command now supports Kubernetes configmaps via the --configmap option

Here is a link to the latest manual page.

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