Alias is maybe not the correct description of what I need to have configured. But - here is the issue - we have our Teamcity build server connected to TFS-server 1. When creating the VCS root in Teamcity it requires the following url


That url does not fully comply with the actual site structure which is

IIS Site Structure

As you can see, there is a folder named _tfs_resources - so the Registration.asmx can also be connected to using the endpoint


But, Teamcity does not accept _tfs_resources in the url.

So when I now want to create a VCSRoot to the second TFS 2015-server, it cannot since it does not respond to the url without _tfs_resources.

I have tried, via a "Request control"- slow - skype-session to navigate around and figure out where this alias is defined on server 1, but no luck. Anyone able to give me some hints where this can be configured in IIS?

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