HP ProLiant ML350P G8 with 6 HP 2TB 7.2 RPM SAS drives and a SmartArray p420i/512mb FBWC. All a recent purchase.

Unfortunately it's not detecting the drives. I checked the drives for compatibility before purchase. Drive caddy's lights show rotating green circle indicating drive activity (as mentioned in user guide). No OS yet, doing this from the boot menu.

In the Intelligent provisioning program I used the Array Configuration Utility feature to discover two status alerts, code 347 (The cache for Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot is not configured.) and code 267 (There are no configurable physical drives attached to the current array controller.)

When I went to setup a RAID 10, configuration Discovered my unforeseen problem. I have a 500 GB HDD going directly to the MOBO that has no problems. Configuring the cache is my next step but can't find any info on how to.

I am new to servers and infrastructure level computing.

  • Did you check the cache module and battery? – Michael Hampton Sep 22 '20 at 0:21

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