I have configured my limits.conf file to allocate a huge stack size

*               soft    stack     65535
*               hard    stack     65535

ulimit -s shows the correct value for both root user and myuser

With this configuration in place, if I run an executable(owned by root:root) from myuser, the process is owned by myuser and /proc/<id>/limits has the right stack size, (as expected)

however, as root if I set the setuid on the executable and execute it from myuser, the process is owned by root(as expected), but the stack size in /proc/<id>/limits is 8 MB (I guess this is default size)

In rhel6/rhel7, The stack sizes are allocated as per limits.conf with or without setuid.

Is this a new behaviour in RHEL8? How can I get the size from limits in this case?

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