In my domain, we have a couple of applications that establish a connection by java: when users do the Windows logon the box windows of Java appears and ask ""Do you want to run this program?" with the box which says "Always trust content from this publisher."

Often, users don't read it or just close this warning and after that the program won't work and they will call helpdesk because they can't work.

I would like to automatize this situation, avoiding the interaction with this windows. I have noticed that if I click "run" and "Always trust content from this publisher", the certifications are stored in C:\users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\security and the file is "trusted.certs"

So, I thought to deploy this file by GPO to all users so they wont have to pay attention on the prompt.

If I am following the wrong road, please advice me without problem how to do it.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

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From the messages in your question, I assume the app is properly signed with a trusted certificate. If you want to avoid the regular Java security prompt, consider using Deployment Rule Set. You can define rules based on the location of the app or its signing certificate.

When ruleset.xml is ready, package it into DeploymentRuleSet.jar and sign. Then deploy DeploymentRuleSet.jar into C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment on all your systems.

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