I'm seeking a little advice,

I have a Fedora Server 32 VM as a Docker (not Podman) host. I think I may have outgrown it so basically either I add more resources to the VM or I add another VM and cluster them.

Just throwing more resources at it doesn't feel like a good idea 'cause then I'd end up with a huge single point of failure than if I were to split the load, regardless of the physical host--or that's what I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'll need some orchestration obviously, I use Portainer but use is more like a shortcut to see status, I prefer the CLI and only use (and learn) options as I need them. Portainer is more like a supervision thing, not an orchestrator so I was thinking about Swarm for that as Kubernetes is too complex and AFAIK two hosts are too little for even the smallest deployment.

Or are they? What's the minimum host count where Kubernetes starts being useful and not only a dev environment like minikube/minishift? I know that K8s needs a master node, so that'd be at least 3, right?

Or alternatively can two or more minikube/minishift all-in-one-type deployments (which are much easier to deploy) be clustered?

I'm open to any suggestion. Storage for the containers is on NFS files shares, I use Cockpit to do basic config quickly and always the same and I keep a file of all the containers deployed so I can recreate it again exactly the same if anything were to happen or if, say, I'd switch to an Ubuntu Server host. So really ANY suggestion is welcome. I prefer Fedora or RHEL but I'm not tied to them.

If I need to sit down and learn K8s for good, then I'll guess I'll have to, TBH I find all of the complexity hard to justify because while Kubernetes might be self-healing when running, if one of the underlying, uniquely-set-up components fails, can it heal that?

  • Pretty much all of us are going to end up learning Kubernetes sooner or later, I suspect. Try kubespray for a quick and easy deployment. – Michael Hampton Oct 7 '20 at 0:55
  • Can AIOs be clustered though, even if they are slightly less efficient? I actually got the Kubernetes License for VMware only to learn that to deploy, parts of the datancntr struct. are referenced=if I changed the name of a cluster/datastore/whatever things would break. That can't possibly be a good mature solution. I'm just getting home and gonna try your suggestion. …man! Am I gonna eat my own words laters when we switch to containers from VM arrives. – Vita Oct 8 '20 at 3:30
  • Any results ? Did you try Kubespray ? – Malgorzata Oct 14 '20 at 13:09

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