I am trying to block ICMP to an incoming subnet, lets say this is

I am currently using Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) with a basic ufw setup. Right now people can ping an address like, how can I make the firewall block incoming ICMP requests to that subnet?


  • Or what would be better, is to restrict ICMP to a specific IP Address. Eg: Only can ping – Zane Oct 10 '20 at 0:13
  • Is this Ubuntu box the router for your network? Please share your network topology. – Tero Kilkanen Oct 10 '20 at 9:02
  • I basically just have a normal Ubuntu box, nothing major running on it. I have a /24 routed on it, and I would like to block ICMP only to the /24, as I have other IP addresses which should allow ICMP, or at least to ban it except when coming from a specific IP. – Zane Oct 11 '20 at 9:53
  • Can you show a diagram of the setup? It is still hard to see from your description what the network structure actually is. – Tero Kilkanen Oct 11 '20 at 10:01
$ sudo iptables -A INPUT -d -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j REJECT

Any ICMP echo requests destined to network will be discarded by the firewall

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