I am currently struggling with Azure Virtual Network Peerings.


az network vnet create --location "westeurope" --name "someEUvnet01" --resource-group "someRG01" --address-prefix --subnet-name "someEUvnet01subnet01" --subnet-prefix
az network vnet create --location "northcentralus" --name "someNAvnet01" --resource-group "someRG01" --address-prefix --subnet-name "someEUvnet01subnet01" --subnet-prefix
az network vnet peering create --name "someEU1NA1" --resource-group "someRG01" --remote-vnet "someNAvnet01" --vnet-name "someEUvnet01" --allow-vnet-access
az network vnet peering create --name "someNA1EU1" --resource-group "someRG01" --remote-vnet "someEUvnet01" --vnet-name "someNAvnet01" --allow-vnet-access

My problem is the fact that when I remove the allow-vnet-access parameter, the inter-vnet traffic stops completely.

When adding it - as I did the traffic is possible - but due to the default rule, that is added to the Network Security Group by default: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/azure/virtual-network/network-security-groups-overview#inbound

which contains VirtualNetwork as Source and Destination with ALLOW by default (unable to change that rule) - ALL of the traffic between the VNETs is open...

I can workaround this issue by defining a Rule, that is preventing any traffic (FROM * TO * ON PROTOCOL * PORT * DENY), but this would prevent access from AzureLoadBalancers too.

This can then be avoided by writing a rule that allows this dedicated access to the Instances (FROM "AzureLoadBalancer" TO * ON PROTOCOL * PORT * ALLOW) but this would be not necessary at all when the default rule would not ALLOW any traffic - from any Virtual network...

Did I miss something?!

Cheers, Matthias

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