I've never used a cisco switch. On the used 3048t i just got, there's a dedicated management ethernet port on the back, so i was blindly assuming it would just accept a dhcp address and give me ssh, telnet or at least a webinterface. It does send DHCP requests, but then never responds to arp for those addresses.

The official documentation mentions you're supposed to connect via serial, but never mentions the cabling. It's not a DB9 connector so no way of knowing voltages, pins etc.

Is there a way to do to this over ethernet or do i absolutely need to find a cable, and which one could it be?


Cisco has a standard serial cable, called a "console cable." You can find the pinouts on line, or I'm sure there many places to buy one.

enter image description here


It does seem to be possible without serial port. By default it requests "Power On Auto Provisioning" via dhcp, and there is an open source tool to respond to it.


The serial cable part number is 72-3383-01 but it's possible to use a makeshift adapter with a regular ftdi cable using this pinout:

usb serial pinout cisco

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