I have an Ansible server with 3 ubuntu servers (hosts). So i want to be able to logon to those servers by typing in the SSH key password once. I have edited my .bashrc with an alias. alias ssha='eval $(ssh-agent) && ssh-add'

Whenever i login to the Ansible server and do:

foulan@ansible-server:~$ ssha
Agent pid 1396
Enter passphrase for /home/foulan/.ssh/id_ed25519:

If i typ in the password for the ssh-key, i'm able to login every server without prompting the password. But if i go after that in root mode by typing sudo su.

And again try to ssh in to one of my servers it asks me for me for the password.

But if i run ps aux | grep ssh

it still shows me that the ssh-agent in the back is running ??

I basically want to be able to ssh to any server in root mode without typing the pass everytime

Any help would be appreciated,

  • Not going to happen. Putting sudo aside for a minute (as that is not where your issue is) you are running su switch user. As soon as you run that you are a different user without your previous environment.. Note to mention the REALLY bad security practise. If you MUST log in as root ask for key based login to the root user. – Timothy c Oct 21 '20 at 21:28

Assign the user with passwordless sudo access. When user is logged-in will just do the following to elevate the privilege:

$ sudo su

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