I have a Palo Alto device which I want to run few "show logs system" commands, along with "set cli pager off" at the start and "set cli pager on" at the end. Now when I use putty or plink without any remote commands or n-line commands, it will connect to the device and prompt me to the enable mode.

For putty:

putty.exe -l admin -pw password

For plink:

plink.exe -l admin -pw password -batch

I found out that -batch disables all keyboard interaction, without -batch I would have to press Enter key to get me the CLI. However, as soon as I put in a remote script or in-line command, I always get stuck at "End of keyboard-interactive prompts from server". For example:


putty.exe -l admin -pw password -m commands.txt


plink.exe -l admin -pw password -batch -m commands.txt
plink.exe -l admin -pw password -batch "set cli pager off"
plink.exe -l admin -pw password -batch set cli pager off

What I am thinking is plink and putty sends the message before enable mode and that's why ts stuck at "End of keyboard-interactive prompts from server". So I figured, if there was delay of 10 seconds before sendng the command, we should be golden.

I know with Palo Alto, I can do the same with API, but API generates a job ID which is then required to retrieve the results. And results are displayed in XML format, which then needs to converted to xls format.

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