In order to give different permission to different users. I have module like this:

    path = /data/cvs
    comment = example
    uid = rsyncbackup
    gid = rsyncbackup
    read only = no
    list = yes
    auth users = , guest1:ro, guest2:ro, admin1:rw, admin2:rw
    secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
  • There will not be any problem if both guest1 and guest2 are connected, since they are all read only.
  • What will happen if both guest1 and admin1 connect to the daemon? since admin1 is modifying the files and the guest1 is reading from it. Will there be racing? I can of course limit the max connection to 1. But this is inefficient when only ro users want to connect. Is there lock to prevent other user to connect when a rw user connect to the daemon? Is there options to only allow single rw user to connect but allow multiple ro users to connect?
  • what will happen if both admin1 and admin2 connect to the daemon? Both admin want to modify the path, is there lock prevent later one modify anything before the first one drops connection? Or is there lock to prevent multiple user modify the same file but still allow them modify different files?
  • what will happen if multiple ips try to connect to the daemon with same user for example admin1?

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