I'm using rsync --remove-source-files --ignore-existing src/ me@server:dest/ to upload new files to the remote server without clobbering/updating any existing files. Any newly uploaded files are removed following this operation.

I would also like files that are already identical on both ends to be removed from src/. That is, the only files remaining in src/ should be files that were not uploaded because a different copy already exists on the server.

Use case: synchronize files from local to server, but 'fail' on operations where a merge conflict exists (manual resolution). Anything that resolved successfully is removed automatically.

This could be solved with multiple commands if necessary (e.g. existing command to upload, a separate command to find identical files and remove from local)

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Excellent question. rsync is really just used for "one way" mirroring. For your scenario, consider the use of Unison (see https://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/) which is a 2-way synchronisation tool. It can handle conflicts nicely, but if you only want to sync in one way, take a look at the --force or --prefer options.

apt install unison if you're on Ubuntu.

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