I have consulted the oracle of Google without finding anything effective. Here's the situation, we have a group of users who all have local USB printers. They connect to a RDS farm using Horizon as a load balancer. When they're local, they print fine, when they're connected to the RDS server, some users are sending print jobs to other users' printers instead of their own. There is also a print server for this farm with network printers attached but this doesn't seem to be a factor in the problem. The latest example is UserA has a HP P2035, she prints a job on the RDS server to her printer but instead it comes out on UserB's M203 printer. I've found printer queues in the RDS servers and deleted them but I'm guessing they just come back when the users log on again. My latest attempt at solving the problem has been to clear the checkboxes in the AD user for Connect client printers at logon and Default to main client printer under properties>environment>client devices

Is there anything else I can try?

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