I have setup an Ubuntu 20.04 server to only use SMTP and send email from this server, but I am facing an issue that when spamassassin is stopped, postfix does not try to send anything, while when spamassassin is enabled I see mail queue is decreasing and postfix logs show me the sending.

Also when it's sending, send rate and speed is slow, about 1 to 10 per minute, while I did not set any limits and I checked /etc/postfix/main.conf and there was nothing to limit.

I see no errors in /var/log/mail.err and nothing happens in /var/log/mail.log when spamassassin is not enabled.

Would you please help me?

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    What are you trying to do? If your goal is to remove spamassassin then take it out of the filter/milter chain in main.cf or master.cf.
    – tater
    Nov 4 '20 at 10:46
  • Yes, I did comment the lines related to spamd and now all my emails are being sent without issue. They all have been delivered (except not existed users).
    – 1nted
    Nov 4 '20 at 11:27

I figured it out and that was due to slow DNS resolving problem of the server.

It took around even 5 minutes to send a single email to Gmail.

I fixed it by changing the location of the server to another place.

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    you can also change the DNS to yourself, but remind to isntall a DNs first :)
    – djdomi
    Jun 14 at 6:40
  • @djdomi that's an old question and I resolved it by changing the location of the server:) because the country I used first, has some network issue unfortunately:(
    – 1nted
    Jun 14 at 7:53

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