I have a xml file with passwords in it. I have to pass these passwords from a xml file to password property in MSBUILD command. Can anyone guide me


<?xml versio------>

My msbuild command is:

Msbuild "projectpath" /p:deployonbuild=true /p:username='user's /p:password=' '

There is a xml module in https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/collections/community/general/xml_module.html and there is an example to retrieve a xml value from an XML file

# Consider the following XML file:
# <business type="bar">
#   <name>Tasty Beverage Co.</name>
#     <beers>
#       <beer>Rochefort 10</beer>
#       <beer>St. Bernardus Abbot 12</beer>
#       <beer>Schlitz</beer>
#    </beers>
#   <rating subjective="true">10</rating>
#   <website>
#     <mobilefriendly/>
#     <address>http://tastybeverageco.com</address>
#   </website>
# </business>

# Retrieve and display the number of nodes
- name: Get count of 'beers' nodes
    path: /foo/bar.xml
    xpath: /business/beers/beer
    count: yes
  register: hits

- ansible.builtin.debug:
    var: hits.count

# ...

# How to read an attribute value and access it in Ansible
- name: Read an element's attribute values
    path: /foo/bar.xml
    xpath: /business/website/validxhtml
    content: attribute
  register: xmlresp

- name: Show an attribute value
    var: xmlresp.matches[0].validxhtml.validatedon

You can adopt that for your needs. In Ansible 2.9 use xml instead of community.general.xml and be aware of installing the necessary libs (lxml)

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