We ordered a new dedicated server yesterday and I moved some KVM guest machines from the old KVM host to the new server, which will be our new KVM host. The old KVM host is Intel based and the new one has an AMD CPU. I've installed KVM/QEMU and everything seems to work just fine. But as soon as I start a certain application (either Atlassian-Jira or Atlassian-Bamboo) on one of the guests (one runs Jira, the other one Bamboo), the KVM host as well as the guests become absolutely unreachable - the server does not even react to ACPI anymore in order to restart it.

After the data center staff had restarted the server manually I couldn't find anything in the logs (on the KVM host as well as on the guests), absolutely no hints what happened and why. I tried that a bunch of times, always crashing everything when I start Jira/Bamboo on one of the guests.

As I already said, I have no logs and no further information I could provide. The strange thing is that I moved a few more KVM guests from an older KVM host (Intel) to another KVM host which is the same AMD server model as the one that crashes and everything works fine since then.

I don't know what to do and have absolutely no idea how to fix this issue. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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