I have 8 servers as(s1,s2,s3...)which are windows servers and an ansible-playbook with tasks in roles. How do I configure host inventory and execute all these tasks in s1 then in s2 then in S3...sequentially that is the execution of the playbook in series of servers sequentially. I came across some terminology called serial but not sure on implementation The deployment will be carried using Jenkins. Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks in advance


To do a set of roles to completion on one host at a time, set serial: 1 on plays. These batch sizes can be numbers or percentages.

By default hosts are run in the order they appear in inventory, which would be order: inventory on the play. Or, you can use alphanumeric collation order with order: sorted.

  • I'm using ansible roles and the command I use is like this ansible-playbook main.yml --tags 'build-job'. Where do I add serial? Can youplease help on this? – vodevops Jan 21 at 8:11
  • I added serial:1 but the playbook is taking 2nd hosts initially. like I have 2 hosts [werservers] host1 host2 the order of execution must be host1 --------- host2-------- but the execution is on host2 initially then host1. i have given as order: sorted but the execution is same – vodevops Jan 21 at 9:35
  • Probably you want order: inventory so the inventory defines how it is sorted. Review ansible-inventory --list with this inventory config, and confirm it is sorted in the correct order. – John Mahowald Jan 21 at 15:35

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