I would like to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of tower servers on rack-mounted servers and vice versa.

In terms of performance, safety, cooling system, maintenance...

I want to know which option to choose for my company which wants to host its own website and have its own mail server?

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    A bigger difference is probably between tower or rack versus cloud-hosted virtual, which you should also consider. – Andrew Schulman Nov 26 '20 at 13:35

A rack server is designed to be positioned in a bay, which enables you to stack various devices on top of each other in a large tower. The bay will accommodate all of the hardware devices the company needs to function, including the server, storage devices, and security and network appliances.

Racks servers needs a cabinet.

other criteria (like cooling,performance) vary by brand and model.

You can read this article for more details.

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