I have multiple websites supposed to run each with its own domain (e.g. site1.com, differentsite2.com, othersite3.com etc.). The operative directories of each website are dedicated subfolder in /var/www/html/



The virtual host for each website is something like

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName site1.com
    ServerAlias www.site1.com
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html/site1
    <Directory /var/www/html/site1>
            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
            AllowOverride None
            Order allow,deny
            allow from all

with a dedicated config file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ enabled with a2ensite command and the default config disabled with a2dissite 000-default.conf

others website are configured in a similar way with

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName site2.com
    ServerAlias www.site2.com
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html/site2



When I open www.site1.com rather than showing index in its DocumentRoot at /var/www/html/site1/index as supposed, It shows the index in main root at /var/www/html/index

Could someone help he to understand the issue?

  • Can you also provide the output from the logs? – Tommiie Dec 1 '20 at 13:01
  • 1
    You may want to use mod_info to show you the server configuration, to be sure the VirtualHost directives are being processed. – Andrew Schulman Dec 1 '20 at 13:10

The issue was caused by the fact Apache server was configured on port 8080 and Nginx on port 80 so when I invoked the site on port 80 the invocation was processed by Nginx.

  • Can you mark this answer as the accepted solution? Perhaps include a few commands and their output which you used to troubleshoot and determine this root cause. – Simba Dec 1 '20 at 16:23
  • 1
    @Simba yes but StackExchange needs some time before allow me to mark the accepted answer. – AndreaF Dec 1 '20 at 16:25

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