I created a recovery services vault in Azure to back up a few Azure VM's. I've been performing daily backups of the VM's but the VM's are no longer needed. I see settings for weekly/monthly/yearly retention policies for the recovery services vault. I'd like to delete the VM's to cut back on costs but I want to store backup copies permanently in case this project picks up in again in the future.

Are the monthly/yearly retention policies my only method for storing these VM's backups for an extended period of time/permanently, or if I leave these specific settings unconfigured will the recovery services vault store the backups permanently? Clarification or suggestions on storing VM backups in Azure long term would be appreciated.


I believe the default retention of backups is 30 days if you don't set anything up. Azure Backup allows for retention between 7 and 9999 days, there is not an option for permanent retention.

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