I have installed updates on my Windows 2012r2 Machine and as usual, I did a reboot. However, it seems that the machine has hung itself during the reboot process and does not do a proper shutdown. I can initiate a connection via RDP, but not connect to the machine, I can also send commands via powershell, so I have tried sending a Force reboot:

Restart-Computer -Force -Credential domain\adminuser -ComputerName COMPUTERNAME

The reply from the server is the following:

Restart-Computer : Failed to restart the computer with the following error message: A system shutdown is in progress.

Is there a way to force the reboot and kill the processes?


Turns out that the System Event Notification Services was stuck, and killing it remotely did actually solve the issue:

pskill \\REMOTECOMPUTER svchost

First, I listed the running services on the remote machine:

tasklist /s remoteServer

Then I started to manually kill the processes with the above command.

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