I need your help on the following issue.

After a restart of a DL360 GEN9, we had the following errors

329-Power Management Controller FW Error – Unable to communicate with the FW. Action: Reset iLO FW. If issue persists reset the Power Management Controller FW (remove AC). If issue persists attempt to update the FW.

LO FW Communication Issue – Unable to communicate with iLO FW. Certain management functionality is not available".

333-HPE RESTful API Error - Unable to communicate with iLO FW.BIOS configuration resources may not be up-to-date. Action: Reset iLO FW and reboot the server. If issue persists, AC power cycle theserver

I couldn't boot into the OS (2012 r2) so I tried to revert to the backup ROM (v1.32) but that didn't work for it got stuck on POST and System utilities are not even available.

I switched back to the ROM and tried to flash the system ROM with v1.72 but again i get an error "firmware update failed (STATUS = ABORTED)"

Another attempt to fix was to boot on the latest Service Pack for Proliant. Error again

Code Bad RIP number Kernel Panic - not syncing : Fatal exception in interrupt ERST [Firmware warn] : Firmware does not respond in time.

I'd really appreciate your help on this

enter image description here

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