Hai linux guys,

I am using linux (RHEL5) Server. I want to block some sites for windows clients,

  • How can i block unwanted sites based on keywords(keywords in text file) in RHEL 5 ?
  • Are there any build in packages for to do this ?
  • Is it possible block based on proxy (squid)?
  • If possible , What i want to do for that ?

Where will these keywords exist? If the things you want to block on are part of the URL then you can use a squid regex acl.

If you want to block based what makes up the content of the request you would need to be using something like dansguardian.

If you just want to use a block based on URL blacklists of a certain category you can use squidguard combined with one of the several blacklist databases.

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  • if i have keyword in badkey.txt file means , how can i block sites based on it ? can you pls help me ? – Kumar Jan 26 '10 at 6:50

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