I recently spun up a Windows Server VM instance on google cloud and was able to RDP into it without opening any ports in the firewall.

So, Why am I able to do this? Is it because google opened the port for RDP by default. Also I could n't find any firewall rules that explicilty opened any port.

Does RDP work even without opening ports?



The default network comes with ingress rules allowing protocols such as RDP and SSH. And it is pre-populated with firewall rules that allow incoming connections to instances. These rules can be deleted or modified as necessary.

  • default-allow-rdp

It is the rule that allows ingress connections on TCP destination port 3389 from any source to any instance in the network. This rule has a priority of 65534, and it enables connections to instances running the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

You could find your default rules on the Firewall page in the Google Cloud Console

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