The Ubuntu server is running,
Glassfish on port 80(http) & 443(https)
Nginx on port 8080(http) & 8081(https)

The goal is,
www.hostname01.com to access Glassfish,
www.hostname02.com to access Nginx

The question is,
is it possible to do so using Nginx proxy pass configuration? or any other settings?

I see answers that have Nginx running on port 80/443 since that is the default http request goes to, however in my environment the Glassfish was running prior to Nginx and I do not have the authority to modify its settings, thus currently any request goes to Glassfish unless port number is specified.
I am allowed to edit any other server configuration except for the Glassfish instance.


  • The glassfish listening ports must be changed. You will have to coordinate with whoever does have the authority to change them. Dec 16 '20 at 15:52

The only way to accomplish this is to bind a second IP address to the network interface and bind Glassfish explicitly to the first IP and nginx to the second IP.
As soon as any application listens to the port is blocked for any other application.
As soon as you did this, you can tell nginx to only listen on a specific address using the bind parameter in the listen directive like this: listen bind
This is an IP socket topic, not only a configuration topic.

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