I have just installed MS-SQL 2019 under Ubuntu 20.04 (the first time I have installed this Db under linux). I opened up port 1433 and can connect to it via the server IP address with Management studio from my windows laptop.

However I think that the server browser service isn't running as even though I have opened up port 1434 I can't browse to the database. I also suspect that the service may be disabled by default. I have down a lot of googling but can't seem to find linux related instructions for the browser service.

How can I check that the browser service is/isn't running? And if not, what steps do I need to take in order to get it running under Ubuntu?

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Sadly SQL Server Browser Service is not supported on Linux.

If you visit the Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2019 on Linux and scroll down to the Unsupported features & services section you will find the following services listed as unsupporrted:

Services  SQL Server Browser       <<== Unsupported!
          SQL Server R services1
          Analysis Services
          Reporting Services
          Data Quality Services
          Master Data Services
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    That's what I get for assuming that I get the full product under Linux (and for not reading all of the documentation!). It's a good thing that this was only a test project.
    – Peter M
    Dec 15, 2020 at 13:20

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