I have url https://myhost.test/en/searchResult?param=<

I want to return 404 if query param have special char '<'

https://myhost.test/en/searchResult?param=test ----- Valid url

https://myhost.test/en/searchResult?param=<h1>    ----- return 404

I tried below but not working

   error_page 420 = @blockUrl;
   location ~ ^/(en)/search {
     if ($args ~* "q=<") {
        return 420;
 location @blockUrl{
    return 404;

Could someone please help me how can block having '<' in query param.

  • It may be URL encoded. You could try: if ($args ~* "q=%3C") Dec 15 '20 at 17:40

In my tests no matter how I entered the url (encoded or not) it always is encoded in the log file.
Here are two possibilities to accomplish your requirement:

if ($args ~* (param=.*(%3C|%3E).*)) {
   return 404;


In your location block:

if ($err404) {
   return 404;

In the http block (not inside the server block!):

map $args $err404 {
        ~param=.*(%3C|%3E).*            1;
        default                         0;

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