Before even attempting to setup something that wouldn't work, I'd like to understand if the following configuration has a logic.

Basically we want to stop Chromebooks to steal bandwidth on updates. Google suggests to setup a local web caching server so that requests to dl.google.com are cached in LAN, saving 400mb online requests per each Chromebook.

This could be done setting up a local web caching proxy (squid) and declare this as a proxy in the Chromebook configuration, however, as I would like to limit request to the local web caching server only for dl.google.com and nothing else, I thought I could create a local DNS record on the LAN's DNS server, so that requests to dl.google.com are forwarded to the local proxy.

In your opinion, will this work, or will the proxy refuse/ignore requests from hosts that are not intrinsically configured to use a proxy?

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