How do I configure journald so that it never, ever, ever deletes my logs.

Yes, what I want to do is tell journald to keep writing until the disk (read: /var partition's filesystem) is full.

No, I don't want it to keep storing to memory until the RAM is full.

According to man 5 journald.conf,

SystemMaxUse=, SystemKeepFree=, SystemMaxFileSize=, SystemMaxFiles=,
RuntimeMaxUse=, RuntimeKeepFree=, RuntimeMaxFileSize=, RuntimeMaxFiles=
    Enforce size limits on the journal files stored. The options
    prefixed with "System" apply to the journal files when stored on a
    persistent file system
    The first pair defaults to 10% and the second to 15% of the size of
    the respective file system, but each value is capped to 4G.

So the default is some percent of the filesystem with a cap at 4G. Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of how to set it to unlimited in the above man page.

How do I make journald never delete my logs? Bonus points for additional options that increase rotation & compression, etc.


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