I recently studied the concept of replication in Active directory. My doubt is, which one initiates the replication?

For example, I had DC-1 and DC-2 server. I update the user object's name attribute from "Sam" to "John" in DC-1 server. I studied in some sites, they told that the DC-2 identify the update of object in DC-1 and then request to get the update from DC-1 server. If this is the actual working flow, my question is, how the DC-2 identify the update in DC-1. If this is not, DC-1 server send notification to DC-2 server that the update happened in DC-1 server?

If anybody knows the working flow, kindly post your answer.

Sathishkumar T.


Domain controllers pull changes from partner DC's by requesting the highest USN, and replicates changes for the USN it previously had for that DC and the current highest USN. Within a site, the originating DC notifies its replication partners of the changes when they occur. Between sites the replication is performed on a schedule, unless the site link has been configured to use change notifications.



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