The domain host automatically sets the DNS nameservers to a parked domain. How can the settings be changed so that entering the URL instead gives a null (404) result or blank page?

  • Change the DNS entries to point to a web server which returns the page/status code that you want.
    – tater
    Jan 2 at 14:55
  • what web server results in the 404 page
    – user610620
    Jan 2 at 14:55
  • You will need to set one up.
    – tater
    Jan 2 at 14:56
  • not sure how to do that
    – user610620
    Jan 2 at 14:56
  • if dont know what you doing then serverfault.com is the wrong page please move on to superuser.com as this is for private and not business related question
    – djdomi
    Jan 2 at 15:30

You cannot do this with "DNS" alone, you will require DNS hosting along with website hosting.

Once you have both DNS, and WEBSITE hosting (the former often provided free of charge by 'most' domain providers); you'll need to do the following:

  1. Update nameservers (if not done already)
  2. Update/Create DNS record for your primary zone(domain) with an A record pointing to your hosting provider.
  3. Depending on your hosting provider, you may simply be able to delete your index.html (or equivalent) and that'll result in a 404 being shown.

Ultimately most 'consumer'-grade hosting providers will be able to offer you support to do what I have described, with instructions suited to their exact platform.

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