I've googled a lot for this, but haven't found anyone with a problem exactly like mine, or hasn't been described like mine. The answers from those questions, which I've tried, haven't worked.

First, I have no firewall running (just while testing this)

I can access my site by, and my local ip,, but I can't access it by my public IP.

I have port 80 forwarded, and have confirmed that with canyouseeme.org. The port only responds while IIS is running (start/stop) on this machine.

I added my public IP as to netsh netsh http add iplisten (where is my actual IP address) of course. Doing that made IIS unable to start, til I also added

Still, no matter what I do, I get [IP Address] took too long to respond, while the site loads promptly on local IP addresses. The same is true for domains pointed at my PC via Windows' hosts file.

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I solved this.

Everything works fine, even with a properly configured firewall. The problem is that port-forwarding doesn't work within the network.

"Hairpinning", essentially local port-forwarding, does not appear to be supported by my ISP's modem.

I disconnected my phone from my wifi, hit my ip address, and my website came right up.

It's a pretty easy answer, but it might save someone else trouble in understanding what's actually happening.

My workaround is pointing my domain at my computer, and using hosts to point my domain at at my public IP. This is just for a very small website anyway.

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