Any way to do this in Console? If not Console, is there an API/SDK option?


You could try with Logs Explorer.
According to the official documentation, These are the logs retention periods

Log type Default retention period Custom retention
Admin Activity audit logs 400 days Not configurable
System Event audit logs 400 days Not configurable
Access Transparency logs 400 days Not configurable
Data Access audit logs 30 days Configurable
Policy Denied audit logs 30 days Configurable
All other logs 30 days Configurable

This kind of log is in the log type Admin Activity audit logs

Admin Activity audit logs contain log entries for API calls or other administrative actions that modify the configuration or metadata of resources. For example, these logs record when users create VM instances or change Identity and Access Management permissions.

And you can use the following filter on your Log Explorer:


Note: The instance_is a numerical value

And then you could adjust the period on Select time range

enter image description here

Unfortunately it seems that you try to get information older than the default retention period that is 400 days, so maybe you won’t be able to get it.

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