I have 2 Apache2 instances running on my server ( Debian.)

One called Apache2 (ports 80,443,4443) One called apache2-suiteCRM (port 8443)

The second instance is created to install suiteCRM and the problem there is that I get an error "can not load DB manager". I can run the install and all preliminary checks are ok, I have setup a database and a user with all privileges. But one way or another it seems that this Apache instance can not access the mariaDB database. My only guess is that it is because it runs on a second instance.

Is there some simple code to check if my server on port 8443 can read and write into mariaDB?


  • I can't think of a reason why 2 Apaches would have trouble. I have seen many instances from different servers work fine. Apache sends a message to MySQL, which then replies to the sender. Look for more clues. Is it connecting via "localhost"? Or TCP/IP? – Rick James Jan 17 at 22:37
  • The connection is going through localhost. I set it as localhost and as IP which is set in hosts. – Stephane Jan 17 at 23:54
  • I think those are inconsistent. – Rick James Jan 18 at 0:29
  • The thing is there was already set for ncp webportal, for nextcloud. So I have set for suiteCRM. I am a newbie, but that made sense to me and so far both Apache servers are running and suiteCRM loads on the webpage, the prerequisites check run fine, but on the final configuration page when click next it hangs on can not load DB manager. See community.suitecrm.com/t/…. I described it there as well with database results. – Stephane Jan 18 at 0:48
  • "localhost" implies going through a socket. An IP address implies going through TCP/IP. Try going to the IP address of the host you are own. – Rick James Jan 18 at 1:07

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