I am working in a big organisation (200+ people) and we switched to Domain User login. Currently there are 10+ people working on the same computer throughout the day and currently typing in their username and password takes too much time.

I am looking for a solution where all the users that sucsesfully logged in to the computer (So they have a profile created under Users folder) would show up on the login screen. I followed a few guides already and searched for a solution but nothing comes close to what I need.

I already tried this Group Policy settings:

Block user from showing account details on sign-in - Disabled Do not enumerate connected users on domain-joined computer - Disabled Enumerate local users on domain-joined computers - Enabled

Thank you very much.

Best regards

  • I would like to see this on RDS with thousands of users ... :-) – bjoster Jan 27 at 15:21

This is not possible. Windows will show you the last 2 (or so) users that logged on to that computer if you click the "switch user" button on the logon screen. Other than that, you are out of luck.


Maybe have a look at using something like yubikey for smart card login for users "passwordless":


This isn't exactly what you asked for and it's not free either but it may be a usable solution for you. As already answered, altering the login screen isn't possible because it's designed not to be interfered with for security by design.

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