Is there a way to stop/disable the Google Cloud Balancer?

I want to use it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, only.

I can stop the instances but I can't stop the load balancer.

The idea here is to lower the charges.

The only way that I've found is to delete the load balancer and I will lose all the configurations.


To stop the charges for load balancing, you need to delete the forwarding rules and/or delete the load balancers themselves.

Remember, Google Cloud charges for forwarding rules whether they are created for load balancing, and for most load balancing use cases, you need only one forwarding rule per load balancer.

I might consider the low cost vs delete the load balancing:

The following examples use US pricing: For example, if you create one forwarding rule, you are charged $0.025/hour. Entire weekend =0.025 x 64 hours = 1.6 USD (Just for forwarding rules, it suppose no traffic because you have the VM instance stopped).

It is on the GCP's documentation

Keep safe.

  • It makes sense what you said. But If I could use it 5 days a week, and 8 hours a day, it will be 160 hours * 0.025 = ~ 4 USD. If I use it 24 hours for 30 days, it will be 720 hours * 0.025 = ~18 USD. It is a huge difference. I will be using 3 load balancers. If I delete the rule I will lose its configuration... – SROTG Jan 22 at 17:54
  • I agree, that's why you should consider spend this 14 USd versus lose the configuration and recreate every day your forwarding rule. No way to disable or stop the LB. – Agustin E. Jan 25 at 16:52
  • Losing the configuration and recreate it every day shouldn't be a problem since I am using Terraform. But still not the best practice/solution. I will try to contact GCP support and see if there's something else I can do. Thanks for your help! :) – SROTG Jan 25 at 18:01

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