I have configured a website ws.example.com in domain example.com, and my AD in domain name ws.example.com. When I try to open the website(ws.example.com), it always leads me to the IIS default web page. I have tried to change the default web page port. However, when I open ws.example.com, it shows 404 webpage not found.

The default web page binding setting:

Type Host Name Port IP Address
http 79 *

ws.example.com binding setting:

Type Host Name Port IP Address
http ws.example.com 80

p.s. I only have one network interface


You have the DNS configured but you must also configure the server software so that it knows which directory to serve. The web server (IIS) determines which directory to serve based on host headers sent by the http client. you must configure IIS to serve the directory you want for the site specified by the client. I don't have any specific guidance on how to accomplish that since I don't know which version of IIS you are running and I am not a windows admin, but the following resources might help.



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