We're following the steps in Dynamics 365 as below to generate the keys to add to DNS:


We have two domains to authenticate for example:

ourdomain.com oursubdomain.ourdomain.com

The problem is that it generates the same host name for the CNAME records, not as per the article. So we have for example

CNAME Host: eurkey1._domainkey Value: eurkey1ourdomaincom.marketing.dynamics.com

CNAME Host: eurkey1._domainkey Value: eurkey1oursubdomainourdomaincom.marketing.dynamics.com

My understanding is that you can't have two CNAME records with the same hostname pointing to different values. Am I meant to just change the host value for the subdomain when it is actually done in DNS?

  • Hi, can someone help with this please? – Dave Vader Feb 5 at 10:48

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